A few words of praise...

Shawn is very cool and funny!!! She has been a great help to me in many different ways. I have become a much better reader and I understand better when I read!  In addition, my test grades have been much better since I have been seeing Shawn every Monday.  We both get along extremely well because we are both weird and silly in many different ways.  Although we are both silly, we do get a ton accomplished in a short amount of time!  The best part of coming is that she has an adorable dog named Ivy that is usually here on Mondays.  Overall, my favorite part of a Monday is coming to Shawn's!!!!!!!  -  Charlotte Yates, student


Shawn has been a great help. When I first came here I was terrible at math. After a couple days studying and a couple of laughs later I did very well in math. After the last two years I have made huge improvements in almost every subject. Shawn's the best!  -  R.J., student

Yeeeeeeeee haaaaaaaa!  Welcome to the west!  There is a person that I would like to tell you about.  Her name is Shawn and she is just plain... annoying!  And she gives you rats on a stick.  Just kidding!  She is a wonderful person and has made a huge difference in my life. She also gives you JOLLY RANCHERS when you are good.  Shawn has helped me in many parts of my school work like math, writing, and reading!  You should really work with Shawn if you need it for your education.  It really helps.  I know what you are thinking, "work, tests!"  NO, NO, NO!  She does fun stuff, too.  But, watch out for the mean teacher thing she does!!  P.S. Have fun!  -  Kevyn Murphy (the girl!), student

If I hadn't been coming to Shawn's for the last six or eight months, I would still be struggling in school.  I used to get poor grades in reading and math, and now I do much better in both subjects. Especially in reading, I have completely turned that around.  I'm doing better in math, too.  In Shawn's office we do interesting exercises, like tracking exercises for the eyes, reading exercises, and reading comprehension activities.  Tutoring with Shawn will definitely help you "Rise Above". - Jake, 5th grade

I like coming to Shawn' s office because it's fun and I learn a lot.  I've been learning to read faster and to answer questions about the reading.  I've also been learning to write paragraphs.  Now Shawn is going to teach me how to use a computer.  Going to Shawn is fun because I learn new things and we play games.  We also laugh a lot! - Justine, student

Success is a journey, not a destination.